What if I’m not available during one of the delivery times?

No worries! If you’ll be home relatively soon, we can leave it at your door in a special cooler, or schedule a separate delivery time. Contact us at (512) 787-2031 in Austin or (312) 765-0413 for any special requests or questions.

Should I warm up the products in the microwave?

Nope! That would defeat the purpose of the species-appropriate diet. Don’t worry, your pup will be more than happy eating our premium, all-natural dog food at the temperature it’s delivered.

How long will the raw dog food last? Should I freeze it?

We recommend no more than 3 to 4 days. Freezing is ok, but not preferred for the most enjoyable raw-food experience for your pet.

Is this diet good for any dog, or are there any special considerations?

The Chow Hound Raw food diet is a healthy, balanced, species-appropriate diet that is good for all dogs. Of course, always reach out to your vet for advice if you are concerned about a sensitive stomach, diabetes, or other prior food-related issue.